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Warwickshire Bat Group

Warwickshire Bat Group logo

The website of Warwickshire Bat Group, providing all sorts of information about the bats in Warwickshire.

Site design, content and HTML coding by Juli@, ASP and JavaScript coding by John.

Northants Archaeological Society

The Desborough Mirror, the logo of the Northants Archaeological Society

The N.A.S. seeks to provide its members with an effective public voice on a wide range of issues concerned with archaeology in Northamptonshire. It also organises visits to places such as historic buildings and archaeological excavations which are often not open to the general public.

Site design and coding by Juli@, content by John's brother David.

Holy Cross Church, Coventry

The website for Holy Cross Church in Coventry, where John and Juli@ are members. Built in 1939, it has undergone extensive modern renovations.

Site design, and coding by Juli@, some content by Juli@ the rest of the content by various members of the church.

St. Matthew's Church, Northampton

A thumbnail of St. Matthew's Church

The website for St. Matthew's Church, Northampton. A large, late 19th century church of which John's brother David is a member.

Site design and coding by Juli@, content by David.

George Burton Architecture & Ecology Ltd

GBAE logo

The website for George Burton Architecture & Ecology Ltd.

Site design and coding by Juli@, content by George Burton.

Hiroshima Uncensored

A thumbnail of Hiroshima

A website promoting an educational film about censorship of the nuclear attack on Hiroshima in 1945

Site design and coding by Juli@, content by Tania Mathias.

We Were Soldiers

We Were Soldiers

A website promoting an educational film examaning the experiences of three soldiers spanning the last century

Site design and coding by Juli@, content by Tania Mathias.


Rel359 IconWebsite for Rel359, a relational database tool for students of the Open University's M359 course. Developing Rel359 (the application, not the website) was John's final year project on his Open University Computing degree.

Design, coding and content by John.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

RICS logoPrincipal global website for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

John is responsible for the sections of the site that are not delivered by the content managment system. This includes authentication, member searches, members' deatils (only visible to RICS members) and other areas.

John & Julia Waller

This site! Current design and coding by John. Some content by Juli@, the rest by John.

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