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A Relational Database Tool for M359 Students

What is Rel359?

Rel359 is a free implementation of the relational database language introduced in Block 2 of the Open University's course M359 - Relational databases: theory and practice. It is intended to allow students to try out the language statements shown in the course.



Rel359 is based on Rel by Dave Voorhis. Rel359 would not exist without the support of Dave and all the hard work he had put into creating Rel (and for making it open source).

Thanks also to Hugh Darwen, who was my tutor when I studied M359, for his support and encouragement throughout this project.


Rel359 is not a product of the Open University and I have no connection with the Open University except as a student. If any information on this site conflicts with offical material from the Open University then you should consider this to be an error on this site.

Although this site is partly based on work that I did for M450 it is absolutly not intended to "encourage or enable plagiarism".

Why did I write Rel359?

I needed a project for M450 in order to complete my computing degree!



If you find any bugs or have questions about Rel359, please contact, me, John Waller on . Please note that as I'm just a former M359 student I can't answer any questions on current M359 assignments or other course queries. Please refer to your tutor instead.

I would also be interested in any constructive comments from anyone who has tried using Rel359. Unless you say otherwise I shall assume any comments can be made public as I may include an FAQ or comments page on the site. If I do this, I shall ensure that the comments are not personally identifiable.

page last updated: Thursday, December 31, 2015